On the Subject of Discharge Mazes

This seems to be some kind of maze, because otherwise this is some shoddy electronics work.

  • Find the 7×7 region of the maze with matching circular markings.
    The maze may be rotated by a multiple of 90°.
  • Flipping the switch will activate the module, turning on one of the lights in the maze and charging the capacitor by 10% per second.
  • Holding down a lever discharges the capacitor by 10% per second and releasing it moves the light in its direction.
  • With each move, the charge is measured. Each pair of consecutive measurements must meet the condition according to the colour of the fluid in the gauge.
  • The defuser must navigate the light out of the region, crossing the edge in the direction matching its colour.
  • Warning:
    • Do not cross the solid lines in the maze, all lines are invisible on the module.
    • Do not allow the capacitor to overload or fully deplete while active.

Release conditions:

  • Red: More than 10% less or 80% more than the previous measurement.
  • Yellow: More than 60% less or 30% more than the previous measurement.
  • Green: Differs by more than 45% from the previous measurement.
  • Blue: Differs by between 20% and 40% from the previous measurement.

Exit condition:
The last move must be done when the capacitor is over 90% charged, in addition to meeting the release condition.