On the Subject of Divided Squares

When the bomb activates, this module shows a large square of a single color. You may touch the square to obtain a second color, but do not hold it across ticks of the countdown timer. Look up the two colors in Table C below, where Color A is the square’s original color and Color B is the color obtained while the square is pressed.

List M (excerpt)
  • Divided Squares
  • Forget Everything
  • Forget Me Not
  • Forget This
  • Hogwarts
  • Simon’s Stages
  • Souvenir
  • The Swan
  • The Time Keeper
  • Turn The Key
Table C
Color BColor A

Did the fact that this module’s flavour text is in the middle of the page just jump out at you?

While the number of solved modules on the bomb is at least the number obtained from Table C, or all unsolved modules remaining on the bomb are on the module’s ignore list, Divided Squares can be disarmed by holding the square across a timer tick. List M above provides an excerpt to show what kinds of modules might be on the ignore list.

When another module is solved before Divided Squares is disarmed, the square may split into a 2×2 grid of squares (then 3×3, and so on). One of those squares is the correct square to use. All other squares give a strike.

To determine the correct square, examine the colors of every pair of orthogonally adjacent squares and find their values in Table C. This time, Color A is the color that is first in reading order, Color B the other one. Find out which pairs’ values are equal to the alphabetic position of a letter in the bomb’s serial number. The correct square is the only one that belongs to more than one such pair.

Obtain the two colors by touching the correct square without holding it across a countdown timer tick. The new required number of solved modules is the number obtained from Table C plus the number of squares on the module minus 1.