On the Subject of Division

Honestly, this is literally just dividing 3 digit numbers. How small can the number be, and still not equal zero?

Use the gray ‘D’ button to cycle through 10 numbers, the red ‘C’ button to clear your input, and the ‘/’ button to submit the input.

Take the first 3-digit number as the current value. For every 3-digit number after this, divide your current value by that 3-digit number. After dividing by the other 9 numbers, remove the decimal point, discard leading 0s and submit the first 10 digits of this result.


  • The input display can only have a maximum of 10 digits.
  • The first number in the cycle is ALWAYS colored gray.
  • Incorrect submissions will result in a strike and reset the module with, most likely, 10 new numbers.
  • Certain applications are required that can calculate values with higher degrees of precision, such as Windows Calculator.