On the Subject of Dominosa

And to think you’re doing this just to get through a god damn door.

This module contains an 8×7 grid of tiles with 0–6 dots on each tile, a full set of dominoes at the bottom of the module, and a red reset button at the right.

Each domino from the set must be made using the grid of tiles. Selecting two orthogonally adjacent tiles that make an unused domino from the set will highlight that those tiles a specific color, as well as highlighting the domino in the set at the bottom.

In the case that any domino pair is highlighted multiple times, the domino at the bottom of the module will cycle through the colors of the highlighted cells at the top. To deselect a pair of tiles, simply select either one of the tiles in that pair.

The module will disarm once all 28 pairs of dominos are selected and highlighted. There will only be one solution.

Pressing the reset button will unhighlight all selected tiles and reset to its initial state.