On the Subject of Double Knob

This is getting out of hand. Now there are two of them!

Upon activation, this needy module will present two knobs which you can turn 90 degrees clockwise and three functional displays, which yield binary digits. The fourth display is, sadly, broken. Before time runs out, you must turn both knobs to the correct positions, while avoiding the forbidden knob state. Leaving the knobs in an incorrect position or, at any point, putting the knobs into the forbidden position will cause a strike.

To find the position of the first knob, take the first two binary digits of the first two displays. Convert each pair of digits into a decimal number between 0–3 and add them together. Modulo* that number by 4 and add 1. The desired position of the first knob is that number, when interpreted as a direction (where 1 is up, 2 is right, 3 is down, and 4 is left).

The second knob’s position is calculated in the same way as the first, but using the last two digits.

To find the forbidden position, interpret the first two digits of the third display in the same way as you did while calculating the desired knob positions and relate that to the first knob. Do the same for the second knob but using the last two digits instead. Both knobs cannot be in those positions together while the module is active.

*Modulo = Divide the number by N and take the remainder (eg. 81 modulo 4: 81 / 4 = 20 remainder 1, so 81 modulo 4 = 1).