On the Subject of Double Listening

“I don’t know the difference, is that arcade or casino?” “Yes.”

The module features a play button, a black, square submit button, and five single-bit displays along the bottom. Pressing the play button will play two sounds from the classic Listening module at the same time. The play button has a cooldown period of 3 seconds. Use the original Listening manual to obtain two five-character codes, each corresponding to one of the sounds.

Using the first row from Table A which applies, convert each character in each obtained code to a binary digit. Perform a bitwise XOR* operation on the two five-digit binary codes and submit the result using the displays at the bottom of the module. Submitting the wrong response will incur a strike and reset the module.

Table A

Condition Symbol
# $ & *
If the bomb has at least 3 batteries and at least one of the sounds was Beach or Waterfall 0011
Otherwise, if the bomb has an empty port plate 0101
Otherwise, if the last digit of the bomb's serial number is odd 1010
Otherwise 1100

NB: Some sounds have had their volume adjusted to prevent them from drowning others out.

*To perform a bitwise XOR operation, consider the digits of the two binary codes one position at a time. The result for each position is a 1 if the digits in the two codes at that position are both different. Otherwise, the result for that position is a 0.