On the Subject of Double Maze

Endorsed by Billy Maze. Buy one, get one free!

On the module is a pair of connected 7×7 mazes. In order to solve the module, you must escape both mazes at the same time.

Press a straight arrow to make a movement. This will shift the maze in such a way that the checker moves in the direction indicated such that the checker is always centered (Ex: Pressing up will shift the maze down). Note that any time the maze is moved, the opposite maze will also be moved exactly the same way the top maze is moved.

Press a circular arrow to rotate the current maze. This will not affect the opposite maze.

Press the dual-sided arrow to flip the maze.

To solve the module, you must pass both checkers through the exit on the same movement. If you move one checker through the exit but not the other, the module will strike. If you run into a wall with either checker, the module will strike.