On the Subject of Double Screen

Looking at a screen for too long can cause a headache, so let’s add another!

This module has two colored screens on it. Each screen will be showing something about the bomb.

To solve this module, figure out which screen is showing something true about the bomb after swapping certain sets of words with other sets of words. The swaps depend on the color of the screen and can be seen below. Repeat this process 1–2 times and the module will be disarmed.

If the screen showing something false about the bomb is pressed then a strike will be recorded and the module will fully reset.

    Red - minus ⇆ plus | absent from ⇆ present on | needy ⇆ regular

    Yellow - less ⇆ more | and ⇆ or | absent from ⇆ present on

    Green - even ⇆ odd | no ⇆ some | and ⇆ or

    Blue - minus ⇆ plus | needy ⇆ regular | less ⇆ more