On the Subject of Double-On

There are two buttons. “ON” and “ON”. Which one will you press?

The module has LEDs on it. Each LED is connected to exactly two buttons*. Press any of these buttons to turn on the LED**. When all LEDs are turned on the module will be solved***.

* Each button is single color or dual color. Think of a single color button as a button with two of the same color. There are six colors in total: red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, and yellow. Each color has its own limit on the number of presses. Limits for five of these colors are shown in the displays on the right. The sum of all six limits is two times the number of LEDs.

** Pressing a button connected to an already lit LED will be ignored. Pressing the button, which leads to exceeding the limit of any color, will result in a strike and restart the module.

*** There is only one correct solution.