On the Subject of Remembering Dragon Energy

With the help of the Genki Plus textbook and a lot of visual examples, all of these characters should be much easier to see and remember!

Let’s face it — describing the character on the module can be difficult. But, this character reference for “Dragon Energy” will make the module’s characters easier to visualize.

This character reference does not include the rules of the module, but only a mnemonic for each of the 30 characters and the applied Venn diagram on the last page. Refer to the original manual for the rest of the rules.

These next six pages consist of these columns.

  • First column is the original Traditional Chinese characters on the module.
  • Second column is the English meaning of the character.
  • Third column is the pictogram description.
  • Fourth column is the best possible name to remember the character.

Most examples on the third column include italicized quotes and pictures from the textbook: Genki Plus: Kanji Look and Learn by Japan Times™. The breakdown for each character in the “Dragon Energy” module is described with Japanese katakana letters and kanji. The Reference Tables 1 and 2 are only used to further visualize the shape of the characters on the module that can be easy to remember.

Reference Table 1: Japanese Katakana

ka ta ni hi mu

Reference Table 2: JapaneseRadicals

moon insect samurai mouth oni small big measure
heart rice field 100 stand
middle bean again craft

Row 1

Module Character Character Meaning Pictogram Descriptions Best Description
Angry “The angry woman 「女」hit me.”
Alternatively, this can be seen as a woman’s heart.
Woman’s Hand Slap


Woman’s Heart
Blessing Right Half (Top-to-Bottom):
“It is a blessing that I got to eat a mouthful「口」 of rice from the rice fields 「田」!!”
A Mouthful of Rice
Child “This is the shape of a child.Imagine having a child sticking his arms out and wanting a hug.

Alternatively, this can be seen as the child doing the T-Pose.
Hugging child


T-Posing Child
Curse “I am sad that I got cursed. Frowny Face
Happiness From Top to Bottom:
“ A happy samurai 「士」puts a spoonful of his favorite beans
「 豆」into his
mouth「 口 」。”
Samurai Eating Beans

Row 2

Module Character Character Meaning Pictogram Descriptions Best Description
Dragon From Right to Left, Top to Bottom:
“A dragon is standing tall 「立」under the moon 「月」。”
Tall Night Dragon
Dream “In the evening 「タ」, I had a dream of the field 「田」。” Sleepyhead
Emotion “I feel 「心」 blue 「青」。” Blue Heart
Energy From Bottom-Left going Clockwise:
The moon 「月」 surrounded by one mu「ム」and two hi’s 「ヒ」 creates energy.
Big Moon
Female “This is the shape of a woman.
Imagine a woman showing her way.

Alternatively, this can be seen as two curved lines touching a horizontal line.
Walking Woman


Two Curves, One Line

Row 3

Module Character Character Meaning Pictogram Descriptions Best Description
Force “A muscular man has power.
Alternatively, this looks like the katakana “ka” 「カ」。
Strong man


Katakana “Ka”
Forest “Two trees 「木」 become a small forest. Two Standing Trees
Friend Friends give each other a helping hand.”
Helping Hands
Hate Top Right + Bottom:
“Cardiologists hate him! A villager measured 「寸」 his great heart 「心」! It was so big that it sank to the bottom! Learn the truth now!”
Measured Heart
Heart “My heart beats.” Beating Heart

Row 4

Module Character Character Meaning Pictogram Descriptions Best Description
Heaven “I look up to heaven with my hands wide open.”Alternatively, this character can be also called “The Skies.” The Heavens


The Skies
Hope Bottom Left + Right Half:
“I have some small 「小」hope! One hundred 「百」percent!”
100 Percent
Kindness From Top to Bottom:
“Being kind includes having a big 「大」 heart 「心」 in a box 「口」。”
(Big) Heart in a Box
Longevity From Top to Bottom:
“I would like to reward a longer life (longevity) to the one and only samurai 「士」for his spectacular crafting 「エ」and measurement skills 「寸]。”
Samurai’s Crafting
Love From Bottom to Top:
“Again 「又」, I can see your loving heart 「心」beat.”

Alternatively, this can be the Japanese onomatopoeia for a beating heart is ドキドキ (Doki Doki). When your heart goes doki doki, you feel excited.
Doki Doki



Row 5

Module Character Character Meaning Pictogram Descriptions Best Description
Loyal From Top to Bottom:
“I am loyal to the middle 「中」of my heart 「心」.”
Middle Heart
Spirit From Top to Bottom:
Three human-like spirits are standing in the rain.
(Three People Standing) In the Rain
Male “A man works powerfully 「カ」in the rice field 「田」。” Rice Field Worker
Mountain “This is the shape of a mountain.Alternatively, this can be seen as four perfectly straight lines. Mountain


Four Straight Lines
Night “At night, a person with a hat is watching the moon and a cloud.”
Moon Watcher

Row 6

Module Character Character Meaning Pictogram Descriptions Best Description
Pure Left Half:
“This is the shape of the (pure) thread on a spool.”
A Spool of Thread
River “The river runs through it.”Alternatively, this can be seen as three lines. Water Stream


Three Lines
Soul From Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
Katakana mu 「ム」and ni 「ニ」are fighting against a big oni「鬼」 .
Big Oni
Oni’s Soul
Urgency “Thumbs up. If I hurry, I will be OK.”
Thumbs up
Wind “An insect 「虫」is blocking the wind with a leaf.” Windy Bug

Mnemonic Venn Diagram

Mountain Angry Wind Hope Loyal Energy Night Child Urgency Dream Spirit Heart Emotion Curse River Blessing Forest Soul Longevity Female Love Kindness Dragon Heaven Male Force Happiness Hate Pure Friend