On the Subject of Dripping Triangles

No, you’re not having any drip.

Please see Appendix 1PP1NG for identifying modules in the Triangles family.

This module will have 9 triangles on it. Each triangle is coloured yellow, orange, or red. To solve the module, press a valid triangle in no more than three stages. Pressing an invalid triangle will cause a strike. If no more valid triangles are present on the module after pressing a triangle, the module will solve. Note that triangles turn off when pressed, regardless of validity.

Identifying valid triangles:

Each triangle’s value is dictated by its colour, according to the table below:

Yellow Orange Red
1 2 3

When a triangle that has a value that is greater than or equal to 3 is ‘toppled’, its value is subtracted by three, and each of its adjacent triangles’ values is increased by 1. Keep toppling triangles that have a value greater than or equal to three until none are left. At this point, the valid triangles are ones that have a value equal to the number of triangles pressed so far. After pressing a triangle, discard all values and start over, considering the triangle that was pressed as an empty space. Empty spaces should not receive a value.