On the Subject of Duck Konundrums

The “defuser with a manual” module to end all “defuser with a manual” modules.

  • Gather the following supplies: five armless chairs and one armchair, three metal cans containing red, yellow, and blue paint, three watering cans of notably different sizes, and a live duck. Please do not endanger the life of the duck at any time*. We prefer that no animals are harmed during the defusal of this bomb.
  • Place the chairs in a circle before starting.
  • Every time you solve a module, a new instruction will appear on the screen. Follow it.
  • When all other non-ignored modules are solved, the module will ask you three questions about the state of the room.
  • Picking an incorrect answer to a question will strike you but will not change the question nor show you the stages.
  • Refer to Appendix DUCK for clarifications.

* Unless the module tells you to.

Interactive Controls

  • Select a colorable and press Space(X)/R/Y/B/O/G/P/N on your keyboard or click a color button to color the chairs, cans, body parts, etc.
  • Use the radio buttons to indicate where you, the duck, and the whoopee cushion are, click a checked radio button again to deselect it.
  • Type in any of the textboxes.
  • The dropdown under body part colors indicates sitting, standing, etc.
  • Click under Hokey Pokey Part to cycle through possible body parts.
  • Use the - and + buttons or press [-] and [+] on your keyboard to increment the stage number.
  • Using the other buttons, you can save the current state, replace a selected save, reset the current state, delete the saves, delete saves after a selected one, or reset everything.
Forehead Ls
L Color
R Foot
L Foot
R Hand
L Hand
Duck Name
Duck’s Feet
Hokey Pokey Step
Hokey Pokey Part

Appendix DUCK: Unspoken Rules and Clarifications

Putting paint in a watering can that already has paint in it will make a mixture of the two paints. Painting something while it is already painted will just change it to the new color.

Mixing red and yellow paint makes orange paint. Mixing yellow and blue paint makes green paint. Mixing blue and red paint makes purple paint. Mixing red, yellow, and blue paint makes brown paint.

Secondary/tertiary color paints are treated as their primary components. For example, orange is treated as red and yellow, so mixing orange and yellow paint just makes orange paint again.

Dumping paint from one watering can to another counts as “adding paint to a watering can”.

When you paint a number on the back of a chair, it covers up any number that was already there.

Whenever you paint anything, please wait for the paint to dry before advancing to the next step.

The steps to the Hokey Pokey are:

1. You put your right foot in, you put your right foot out
2. You put your right foot in, and you shake it all about
3. You do the Hokey Pokey, and you turn yourself around
4. That’s what it’s all about!

[Repeat four more times, with “right foot” replaced by “left foot”, “right hand”, “left hand”, and “buttocks” each time. Once you finish that, stop doing the Hokey Pokey. It’s embarrassing.]

When doing something “between every stage”, the period between the last stage and the questions also counts as between two stages.

Instructions that are triggered by a whoopee cushion happen before instructions that are triggered by doing the Hokey Pokey (unless the whoopee cushion’s rule was only activated because of an instruction triggered by the Hokey Pokey).

When you move to another chair, continue sitting/standing/doing a handstand on the new chair if you were doing so before.

When sitting, your butt touches the chair. When standing, both of your feet touch the chair. When doing a handstand, both of your hands touch the chair.