On the Subject of Duck, Duck, Goose

Running around in circles has never been this much fun.

Upon activating, the module will prompt the user to identify if a displayed bird is a duck, a goose, or neither one of the two species by pressing buttons with corresponding labels. Images of possible birds have been provided in Appendix DUX, G00SE, and NAN.

Appendix DUX

MallardMarbled Duck
Anas platyrhynchosMarmaronetta Angustirostris
Spotted Whistling DuckNorthern Shoveler
Dendrocygna GuttataAnas clypeata
Cinnamon TealWood Duck
Anas cyanopteraAix Sponsa
Northern PintailGreen-winged teal
Anas AcutaAnas carolinensis
Mareca streperaAythya valisineria

Appendix G00SE

Canada GooseEgyptian Goose
Branta canadensisAlopochen aegyptiaca
Greylag GooseBarnacle Goose
Anser AnserBranta leucopsis
African GooseRoss’s Goose
Anser Anser DomesticusChen Rossii
Snow GooseEmperor Goose
Chen CearulescensChen Canagica
Pink-Footed GooseRed-breasted Goose
Anser brachyrhynchusBranta ruficollis

Appendix NAN

Black-capped PetrelBlue-footed Booby
Pterodroma hasitataSula nebouxii
Bristle-Thighed CurlewBald Eagle
Numenius TahitiensisHaliaeetus Leucocephalus
Harris’s HawkLucifer Hummingbird
Parabuteo unicinctusCalothorax lucifer
Magnificent FrigatebirdMourning Dove
Fregata magnificensZenaida Macroura
Red-winged BlackbirdBronzed Cowbird
Agelaius phoeniceusMolothrus aeneus