On the Subject of Dungeon 2nd Floor

“Hey guys, I found a map! Maybe we can move a little easier now!”

Brave adventurer! Continue your quest within the depths of the Dungeon, and do not lose hope! For at the end of your journey, immeasurable wealth and countless treasures surely await...

How to differentiate between Dungeon modules:
Grey = floor 1
Green = floor 2

  • You are now at the second floor of the dungeon. Your only options to progress are the following movements: forward, left, right.
  • At each stage, only one movement is correct. Using any other action will result in a strike.
  • Follow the instructions to find the correct movements at each stage.
  • When the LED on the module becomes white, it means you have encountered an enemy.
  • Each enemy requires a certain set of actions to be executed in order to be defeated.
  • Using the wrong action against an enemy will result in a strike.
  • Follow the instructions to find the correct sequence of actions.
  • After an enemy is defeated, the light will turn off, and you can resume progressing through the dungeon.
  • The module is solved after a certain number of stages have been completed.


The dungeon’s level varies during the module between easy (1), medium (2), hard (3), very hard (4), and deadly (5). If the level would decrease while it is already on easy, it stays the same. The same applies if the level would go beyond deadly.

The starting level is easy.
When you enter stage 6, the level becomes 3.
When you enter stage 11, the level becomes 4.

Finding a movement

“Are you sure the map is making things easier?”

  • The Dungeon’s walls are constantly shifting and rearranging the floor... Fortunately, you found a map!
  • With the map, you learn that the Dungeon has five distinct zones, each identified by a color.
  • The LED on the module will show you in which zone you are for this stage.
  • Follow the table below to find your dice roll, and use that to find the correct direction.
  • A dice roll of 0, 1 or 2 indicates you need to go to the left.
  • A dice roll of 3, 4, 5 or 6 indicates you need to go forward.
  • A dice roll of 7, 8 or 9 indicates you need to go to the right.
  • If the dice roll is greater than 9, subtract 10 until it is between 0 and 9.
  • If the dice roll is negative, it becomes positive instead (-3 will be a 3).

x = Dice roll; y = Stage number; z = Previous dice roll
m = Last monster fought; s = Number of sword hits; b = Number of hits blocked
Refer to the codex for a monster’s number.
Incorrect sword hits and shield blocks do not count towards those values.
If no fight has happened yet, m = 0.

Stage 1 x = The first numeral of the serial number.
Red zone Yellow zone
x = y + z x = y - z
Increase the level by 1 after this stage. Decrease the level by 1 after this stage.
Green zone Blue zone
x = s + b x = z + m
If x is less than 3, decrease the level by 1 after this stage. If x is greater than 6, increase the level by 1 after this stage.
Magenta zone
Level 1 or 2 x = dice roll at stage( y - 5 )
Level 3 x = dice roll at stage( y - z - 1 )
Level 4 or 5 x = dice roll at stage( y - 10 )


“Say, the monsters look pretty weird here... Is that a chess board?”

  • When the light on the module is white, it means you are in combat. Use the following table to find your monster list.
  • A combat occurs between two stages. The previous stage is considered completed, including any level modification occurring after the stage is completed.
  • Some monsters have special effects (See Appendix B).
Level = 1 Bat-tery, Hypno Toad, Giant Spider
Level = 2 Slime, Elemental, Shape-shifter
Level = 3 Wyvern, Minotaur, Living Wall
Level = 4 Shadow of the rabbit, Skeleton, Ancient Dragon
Level = 5 Necromancer, Door, Living Chess Board, Bomb, Last Last Monster

The monster you are fighting is the first one from your list that you have not fought yet. Use the codex to find the action sequence required to beat the monster.
If you have fought all the monsters from a list, fight the first monster you have not fought in the list 1 level above. If the level 5 list is empty, the fight will be won automatically. This does not change the current level of the dungeon.

Appendix A: Monster codex

Name Number Actions
Ancient Dragon 12
Bat-tery 1
Bomb 16
Door 14
Elemental 5
Giant Spider 3
Hypno Toad 2
Last Last Monster 17
Living Chess Board 15
Living Wall 18
Minotaur 8
Necromancer 13
Shadow of the rabbit 10
Shape-shifter 6
Skeleton 11
Slime 4
Unicorn 9
Wyvern 7

Appendix B: Monster codex pt.2

Name Effect
Shape-Shifter Takes the form of another monster : fight the monster that has its number equal to the current stage. Its effect (if any) applies normally. If the Shape Shifter takes it own form, the correct sequence is .
Shadow of the Rabbit If there is a "BOB" indicator, replace the shields by swords.
Slime It’s a horde! Execute the indicated sequence x times, x being the Dungeon’s current zone.
(Red = 1, Yellow = 2, Green = 3, Blue = 4, Magenta = 5)
Necromancer Same sequence as previous monster fought. Its effect (if any) applies normally.
Door If there are no batteries on the bomb, replace the swords by shields.
Last Last Monster The level becomes 2 after the fight.
Unicorn A mythical creature. What could happen if you defeat it?