On the Subject of Earth

United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Haiti, Jamaica, Peru...

If there is a standard module background, or the planet shown is not Earth, you are looking at the wrong module.

Pressing the sphere near the status light will make the planet disappear, until said sphere is pressed again. Holding said sphere for 0.4 seconds or more will toggle the planet’s rotation.

This module consists of the Earth with 48 black spheres placed in 48 different places on the globe. The map of Earth shown below has all the spheres represented as circles, and lines which create triangles known as tris. At the start of the module, 3 spheres will be colored orange and 3 spheres will be colored blue, which represent the current tri and ending tri respectively. To move, press a sphere that belongs to a tri where exactly 2 spheres belong to the current tri. If done correctly, the current tri will change. If not, a strike will occur. Once the current tri is at the ending tri, the module will solve.

Despite the appearance of Earth being nearly spherical, the tris work as if Earth were a torus. (The above map wraps around in both directions, on an actual map this would only apply in the east/west directions.)