On the Subject of Eavesdropping

Here at GS Incorporated™, we are forced to humbly admit that we are running low on stock of all kinds, be it module components, creativity, or witty punchlines, so this flavour text will have to remain dry and humourless in order to save resources. Cheers.

See Appendix BLANK in Blind Alley for blank modules identification.

This module has 9 pressable areas, or “sectors”, in a 3×3 grid, as in the diagram shown on the right. While you are hovering over one of these sectors, you will be able to hear the module’s inner mechanisms alternating between two “whirring” sounds rapidly. This alternating, however, pauses when the last digit of the bomb’s timer equals that sector’s “referring” digit. Furthermore, three of the sectors are “special”, meaning that they also play a sound [which sounds a bit like a printer] when the last digit of the bomb’s timer equals their “quantity” digits.

To solve the module, you need to touch three sectors in order. To determine these three sectors, follow the instructions below for each special sector in reading order:

  1. Obtain the sector’s quantity digit and referring digit.
  2. Mark the Rth sector in reading order, where R is the referring digit you got from the previous step.
  3. Obtain the referring digit from the sector you just marked.
  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 (Q - 1) times, where Q is the special sector’s quantity digit. For example, if Q = 3, you would have to move your marker three times.
  5. Add the currently marked sector to your answer.

After a sector has been touched, lights beneath the module will show you how many sectors you have touched so far.