On the Subject of Echolocation

Close your eyes and open your mind...

  • This module is completely black, however there are five invisible buttons.
  • In each cardinal direction there is an “arrow” that when pressed will turn you in that direction, and the one north will move you in that direction.
  • The button in the center is used to make a high pitched noise.
  • The noise will bounce off of the object and come back to you.
  • The key will make a pingsound, the exit will make a dingsound, any walls will make a sonar wavesound.
  • The noise takes one second to go one space forward. Once you press the button, the “timer” for the ping starts.
  • The maze has a key and an exit, both of which return distinct noises when a pitch is played in that direction.
  • To pick up the key, go to where it is and hold the center button.
  • Once you have the key, simply go to where the hatch is and hold the center button to unlock it and solve the module. Doing this without the key will result in a strike as well as doing it anywhere else. A strike will also be received if you try to pick up the key in the wrong place or walk into a wall.

Maze Specifications

  • The maze is a 4×4, with the outer edges of the maze being covered completely by walls.
  • The walls, key, and exit location are completely randomized.
  • A wall can separate two spaces orthogonally.
  • You, the key and the exit are always in the center of a square, thus the key and the exit will only make sounds an integer number of seconds after you make a sound. Walls on the other hand are on the edge of squares, and thus will be played half a second more than an integer number of seconds.

Interactive Maze

  • Left-click on edges to place/remove walls.
  • Left-click on cells to place icons.
  • Right-click on cells to remove icons.
  • Click on arrows to shift walls and icons in that direction.
  • You can select which icons you want to place by clicking on the icons above the maze.