On the Subject of Egyptian Fractions

All the old paintings on the tombs; they do the sand dance, dont you know?

The module displays a fraction on its top two displays.
This fraction is the sum of four other fractions whose numerators are 1.
To solve the module, submit the denominators of the fractions.

The range of possible denominators varies:

  • All denominators are less than 100.
  • At least three denominators are less than 60.
  • At least two denominators are less than 30.
  • At least one denominator is less than 10.
  • No denominators are less than 1.

Use the four buttons at the bottom of the module to submit the denominators:

  1. Cycles the tens digit of the current denominator.
  2. Cycles the ones digit of the current denominator, carrying over to the tens digit.
  3. Submits the current denominator and moves to the next.
    The submissions are checked once all four are submitted.
    An invalid submission will reset the entries to ther default state.
    If any submitted denominator is zero, the submission will always be invalid.
  4. Clears denominator and withdraws previous denominator from submission.