On the Subject of Eight

Now we will check if you can quickly divide numbers by 8.

The module consists of a small one-digit display, an 8-digit display and a button labeled "SKIP".

Using the table on the next page, to each digit in the large display add the number from the "Value" column and the number below the digit in the small display, that are in the row corresponding to the digit’s position on the large display. If any resulting digits are greater than 10, subtract 10 repeatedly until the number is between 0 and 9, inclusive.

If from any non-zero number of resulting digits without breaking the order it is possible to compose a number without leading zeros, which is divisible by 8, then remove the extra digits by pressing them and then press the "SKIP" button. If it is impossible to make up such a number, just press the "SKIP" button.

Each time you press the "SKIP" button correctly, one random digit will break and must be ignored in the future, a new number will be generated on both the large and small display. Repeat the process until the module is solved. If there is a correct answer, then deleting all numbers or sending a number that starts with zero or is not divisible by 8 will cause a strike. In addition, all numbers will be restored and you will have to start over.

Digits #4 and #7 change dynamically with each solving of another module or changing in the number of remaining minutes so that the answer does not change over time.

Be careful, removed digits cannot be returned!

Digit positionValue Digit on small display
1Indicators count
3Modules count
4Solved modules count
5Batteries count
6Sum of serial number digits
7Remaining minutes count
8Ports count