On the Subject of Elder Password

“Perthro, Ansuz, Sowulo, Sowulo, Wunjo, Othila, Raido, Dagaz”

Elder Password consists of 23 different runes. Six runes are shown in the middle of the module. The goal is to set the runes to form the correct password.

  • You can cycle through the available runes by clicking on the arrows above or below the runes.
  • Press the submit button once the correct runes are set.
    • Pressing the submit button while the runes are not correct will cause a strike!
  • A translation of the runes can be found in appendix RAIDO.
  • The available passwords can be found in appendix PERTHRO.
    • Only one of the passwords can be formed

Appendix RAIDO: Runes, their names and their corresponding letters

a“Ansuz” m“Mannaz”
b“Berkana” n“Nauthiz”
c, k, q“Kenaz” o“Othila”
d“Dagaz” p“Perthro”
e“Ehwaz” z“Algiz”
f“Fehu” r“Raido”
g“Gebo” s“Sowulo”
h“Hagalaz” t“Teiwaz”
i“Isa” u“Uruz”
j“Jera” v, w“Wunjo”
y“Eihwaz” x“Thurisaz”

Appendix PERTHRO: Passwords