On the Subject of Encrypted Maze

Get your square peg into an octagonal hole.

This module consists of a screen displaying coordinates of a 6×6 maze and four arrow buttons for navigating the maze.

  • To solve the module, navigate from your current position to the goal.
  • These positions and the correct maze are encrypted by two spinning markers shown on the display.
  • Moving into a wall will cause a strike. The module will not reset and the maze will not change.

Decrypt the positions

Your current position is encrypted by the marker spinning clockwise.
The goal is encrypted by the marker spinning counter-clockwise.

  • Each marker denotes a shape feature and a numerical value.
  • A marker’s numerical value is equal to its vertical coordinate (1–6, counting top to bottom) added to its shape value. If it’s greater 6, subtract 6 until you get a value that is between 1 and 6.
  • Feed the shape feature and the numerical value of each marker into the corresponding table to find the respective position on the 6×6 grid.

Current Position

1 2 3 4 5 6


Shape values
Number of
D batteries
Number of unlit indicators Number of
AA batteries
Number of
lit indicators
Number of port-types
Shape features
thin line thick line filled thin dot thick dot crossed out

Decrypt the maze

  • Take the values of the horizontal coordinates (1–6, counting left to right) of the two spinning markers. For each value, if it’s greater than 3, subtract 3 until you get a value that is between 1 and 3.
  • Form a new coordinate out of these values:
    • The clockwise spinning marker denotes the horizontal axis.
    • The counter-clockwise spinning marker denotes the vertical axis.
  • This coordinate points to a maze in the 3×3 grid below. (top-left = 1,1)