On the Subject of Encrypted Values

Welcome to pain. The sequel. Starring a slightly more tolerable version of the other thing.

  • This module contains a twelve-button keypad, a clear and submit button, a display above those to show the current input, and a display with a shape with a letter/symbol inside of it.
  • Determine the value of the shape using Table 1, then apply the calculation in Table 2 based on the letter or symbol.
  • Round to the nearest thousandth if needed. If your answer is incorrect, the module will deactivate and a strike will be given.
  • Important: Any rounding should be done as commercial rounding.

Section 1: Shapes

ShapeValue ShapeValue ShapeValue ShapeValue
0 5 10 35
1 6 15 40
2 7 20 45
3 8 25 50
4 9 30 100

Section 2: Letters/Symbols

L/SValue L/SValue L/SValue L/SValue
A+1 F÷2 #+5 %+10
B+3 G+2 Hx3 R-5
C-2 πx1.5 O-1 =+4
D-4 S÷1.5 ?x10 /x4
Ex2 N-6 K÷5 \÷10