On the Subject of an Entirely Easier English Entries

I’m a proud September 10th-er myself.

  • Identify the episode that the displayed quote is from using the first table. Note down the number next to the episode name.
  • Using the second table, find the number from the first table in the left column. The images in the row with this number correspond to the valid frames to submit.
Let’s Go Shopping (1)“Let’s go shopping!” “When?” “How about… tomorrow?” “Tomorrow?” “Sorry, I can’t.” “Then how about this Sunday?” “No problem hahaha.”
It’s an Egg (2)“What’s that?” “I have no idea.” “Try this.” “Hmmm… it’s an egg.” “I like very much.” “*coughs up blood*” “Can I have some water?” “Here you are.” “Thank you.” “You are welcome.”
We Don’t Take Off Our Shoes (3)“Welcome!” “Thank you for inviting me!” “You can take off your coat.” “Oh, don’t take off your shoes.” “We wear our shoes in the house.” “Oh, I see.”
Ann’s Revenge Blossoms (4)“Where’s my pencil?” “Is this your pencil?” “No, mine is longer than that.” “No, my pencil is longer than that.” “Look, that’s your pencil!” “AUGH!”
Kevin Claps for Ann (5)“*Ann plays Partita D minor BWV 1004 by JS Bach (1720) on the violin*” “(Kevin starts to clap)” “(Kevin escalates the situation by approaching Ann)” “(Kevin starts to clap faster)” “You are great.” “When is your violin concert?” “June 15th.” “What is the day today?” “June 11th.” “Oh! This Friday?” “Can you come to my concert?” “Sure!”
Tony Can’t Cut Bread (6)“MMMMM” “MMMMMMMM” “MMMMMM MMMMMMM” “Good morning.” “Can you help me?” “Sure, I can.”
Kevin Makes Ann Uncomfortable (7)“Hi Ann! How’s it going?” “Not bad. How about you?” “Fine.” “See you later.” “See ya.” “Ann, wait!”
Tony and the Cookie Jar (8)“Help me, please!” “Wait! I’m coming!”
Peter Talks Like a Girl (9)“What a beautiful day!” “Do you like spring?” “Yes, I do!” “I like spring! It’s nice and warm.” “I like summer.” “Summer? It’s too hot!” “Right, but we have a long vacation!”
Ann’s House (10)“This is my house!” “Wow! It’s great!” “This is the living room!” “Wonderful!” “This is the bedroom.” “What a nice house!”
Making Hamburgers (11)“What is Namsu doing?” “He is making hamburgers.” “Really? Let’s go and help him.” “Mmmmmmmm. Delicious!”
Cindy Hits on Jinho (12)“Hello! I’m Jinho! Nice to meet you.” “Nice to meet you Jinho. I’m Cindy!” “Where are you from Cindy?” “I’m from Australia.” “Where’s your room?” “It’s on the first floor.” “Oh, my room is on the first floor too.”
Jinho’s Uncle is a Cartoon (13)“Look! That’s my uncle.” “What?” “That’s my uncle, he’s a singer.” “Oh, he has a long hair!”
September 10 (14)“When is your birthday?” “December 25th.” “Oh, Christmas is your birthday!” “When is yours, Nami?” “September 10.” “I’m older than you.”
Joon Lost His Sock (15)“Where is my sock?” “Is this yours?” “No. It’s not mine.” “Mine is red.” “Whose sock is this?” “Yes. It’s mine.”
Ann Listened to Music All Winter Vacation (16)“Hi Ann! Nice to see you again.” “Hi Nami! What did you do this holiday?” “I went skating with my family.” “Sounds good.” “How about you, Ann?” “I stayed home and listened to music.”
Poor Kevin (17)“Hi Bill! Let’s play basketball!” “Sounds great!” “Can you join us, Joon?” “Sure! I like basketball.” “Me too. Let’s go!” “Ok.”
Joon is a Little Creepy (18)“Where’s your sister?” “She’s over there.” “Oh! She is tall and pretty.”
Jinho is Too Happy (19)“Let’s sing.” “I don’t want to sing.” “What do you want to do?” “I want to play computer games.” “Ok! That’s a good idea!”
Kevin is Going Back to New York (20)“Time to say goodbye Nami!” “Are you going back to New York?” “Yes, I am. Goodbye Jinho! Goodbye Nami!” “Take care, Kevin! We’ll miss you!” “I’ll miss you too.” “So long everyone!” “I love you all.” “See you, Nami.” “See you again.”
Jinho has a Headache (21)“Let’s play soccer this afternoon.” “Sorry. I can’t.” “Why?” “Because I’m sick. I have a headache.” “Oh, that’s too bad.” “Get some rest.” “OK, I will.”
Ann Shines Her Dad’s Shoes (22)“Ann, where are you?” “I’m here.” “What are you doing?” “I’m cleaning your shoes.” “Good girl.”
Peter Mails It In (23)“Look up there!” “It’s very tall!” “What a tall tower!” “Let’s go up there.” “Can we go up there?” “Of course! We can use the elevator.”
Paul Talks Like a Girl (24)“Hello! This is Paul.” “Hi Paul! How is it going?” “Not bad. How about you?” “Good. Very good.” “Is it fall there?” “Yes. It is. Can you see the leaves?” “Oh, yes! Beautiful!” “Do you like fall?” “Yes. I do. I like fall.” “I like spring.” “It’s warm and nice.” “It’s spring here, Paul.” “Beautiful flowers are everywhere now.” “Oh, beautiful.”
Kevin and Ann Mock Each Other on the Playground (25)“What will you do this summer?” “I will go on a trip.” “Sounds wonderful! Where?” “To Busan. What will you do?” “I’ll just play badminton, basketball, soccer.” “It sounds good.”
Kevin Buys Opium (26)“Can I help you?” “Yes, please.” “I want to buy some flowers.” “How about this one?” “Oh, it’s beautiful!” “How much is it?” “It’s fourteen dollars.” “Ok, I’ll take it.” “Here you are.”
Ann and Kevin Have a Showdown (27)“Look at the police officer!” “He is very nice!” “Yes! He is!” “My father is a police officer.” “Police officer?” “It’s great.” “I want to be a police officer.” “What does your father do?” “He’s a pilot.” “Wow! I want to be a pilot!”
Ann and Joon Imagine Parents (28)“Does your mother work?” “Yes, she does.” “She is a cook.” “Oh, I see.” “That’s great!” “Does your mother work too?” “Yes. She is a teacher.”
Ann, Jinho, and Nami Plan to Destroy the Earth (29)“What are you doing?” “We’re making a model airplane.” “Is it fun?” “Sure. Would you like to join us?” “Yes! I’d love to.”
Nami’s Little Brother Thinks Filial is Something You Eat (30)“Tomorrow is mom’s birthday.” “What do you want to do for mom?” “I want to make a card.” “I want to cook for mom.”