On the Subject of Entry Number Four

No, this is not the sequences round.

This module presents an array of keys labeled 0–9, a “GO” key and a display screen. The display screen will show three eight-digit numbers and a string of zeros underneath. The display is slightly corrupted, however it should be readable enough. To solve the module, you must enter in the 8-digit number that should replace the zeros. Entering in an incorrect number will cause a strike. Note: When typing in a number, the leftmost digit will be erased and the number will shift left by one.

Sequence Rules

To get the next number in the sequence, a constant coefficient is added to the previous number in the sequence. This coefficient, however, is not given. However, as it is a constant number, it is definitely possible to determine the coefficient using the three previous numbers. If a number goes above eight digits, only the last eight digits will be noted on the display screen.