On the Subject of Determined Equations

Because sometimes you just want to cram everything together.

If det is 0, submit a blank screen.

Otherwise, submit 0 instead of blank, if applicable.

Submit 3 decimal places.

(indicators from edgework + lit LEDs on the module)%4
det 0 or 1 2 or 3
3+ lit indicators in edgework a d-c (2d-c)/a
1,5,9 in same color c+2 2(a-cd)/det 2(a+2d)/det
More pink than green buttons b(b-1) (a+c)/(b-1) (ba+c)/det
2+ LEDs lit in module 4a-2b 2c/det c(a-b)/det
Sum of SN digits >= 16 a²-b² (ac-bd)/det (ad-bc)/det
Otherwise 1 2a+2c-b b-a-c

Indicators lit in edgework % 3 Sum of SN digits - 2*lit LEDs on module Month + unlit LEDs on module Blue*(Red-Yellow)