Counting Evens Or Odds

Here’s a guide on how to solo this.

Refer to the original manual for how to activate this module.

The number that appears will be colored either green or red. If the number is colored green, press the correct button label for that number. If the number is colored red, press the opposite button label for that number. The next set of instructions will only refer as if all of the digits are green.

Start with the number on the display. If the number is even, press the "even" button. Otherwise press the "odd" button. Keep track of the number of odd buttons you have seen so far as that will alter the answer.

For each number afterwards, if the number of odd numbers you have seen is even, press the "even" button, otherwise press the "odd" button.

Pressing the incorrect button or running out of time will cause the module to give a strike and the module to reset.