On the Subject of Extended Button Order

Haven't I seen this before?

This module consists of 10 buttons labelled 0-9. One of these buttons has a missing label indicated by the "?" symbol. However, this button still works as if the label wasn't missing. To solve this module, press the buttons in the right order. Use the set of rules below to determine the order.

Note: The module only submits when all 10 buttons have been pressed.

  • If there are more than 3 batteries and there is a lit BOB indicator, use the order 0123456789.
  • Otherwise, if there is an empty port plate and the missing label isn't covering 8, 2, 9 or 1, use the order 0912345876.
  • Otherwise, if there is a lit CAR, and a serial port present, and the missing label isn't covering 7 or 0, use the order 0526398741.
  • Otherwise, if there is a D battery present and more than 1 port plate, use the order 7894560312.
  • Otherwise, use the order 5869473012.