On the Subject of Extended Passwords

AAAAAA. No? AAAAAC. Wait, did we do “AAAAAB”? *sigh* AAAAAA...

  • The buttons above and below each letter will cycle through the possibilities for that position.
  • Only one combination of the available letters will match a password below.
  • Press the submit button once the correct word has been set.
  • The passwords are now length 6, and there’s more passwords in total; 52 to be exact, upgraded from just 30.
adjust anchor bowtie button
cipher corner dampen demote
enlist evolve forget finish
geyser global hammer helium
ignite indigo jigsaw juliet
karate keypad lambda listen
matter memory nebula nickel
overdo oxygen peanut photon
quartz quebec resist riddle
sierra strike teapot twenty
untold ultima victor violet
wither wrench xenons xylose
yellow yogurt zenith zodiac