On the Subject of Face Perception

I hope you have no prosopagnosia.

The module consists of a large display with a face rendered on it and a small display with this person’s score.

Remember this face and the score. Then press the large display. You will see a different face and a different score. Continue to press the large display, remembering the faces and scores, until the screen changes to a list of names. Using the tables below, match the faces you see with the names. Count the total score for each name. Press all names in decreasing order of their total scores. If several names have the same total score, then the name that got this score first should be pressed first. In case of an incorrect answer, you will receive a strike and button with label "RESET" will appear. When you press this button, the module will be restarted, but the correctly selected names will remain selected.

Sometimes you will see letters instead of digits on the small display. Use the table below to convert this letter to a digit. If the number obtained from the table is greater than 9, then replace the letter with the last digit of the obtained number.

Letter Value
A Indicators count
B Lit indicators count
C Unlit indicators count
D Port types count
E Ports count
F Last letter of serial # (1–26)
G First letter of serial # (1–26)
H Sum of serial number digits
I Port plates count
Hairstyle Wild Raised Combed Long
Haircolor Black Blonde Red White
Beard Smooth-faced Mustache Goatee Full beard
Glasses None Round Wayfarer Sport