On the Subject of Facets & Logic

Liberal status: Destroyed

  • On the module is a floating polyhedron with a button on each face.
  • Each button is labelled with the non-overlapping parts of two overlaid symbols denoting different truth values.
    • The primary value depends on the properties of the polyhedron.
      Primary properties are sorted into four groups.
      Inversions of symbols denote negations of the primary value.
    • The secondary value depends on the primary values of the buttons on adjacent faces.
  • Press all buttons whose secondary values are true.
    If there are no such buttons, press all buttons whose primary values are true instead.
  • Select the ring from a particular direction to roll the polyhedron in that direction.
On Face
The shape of the face on which the button is located is...
Adjacent to Face
The face on which the button is located is adjacent to at least..
one triangle
one quadrilateral
one pentagon
two distinct polygons
The whole polyhedron...
has fewer than 25 faces
has fewer than 25 vertices
has more faces than vertices
has identical faces
contains all serial number letters in its name
contains all present indicator label letters in its name
Adjacent to Group
Of the buttons on adjacent faces, at least...
one belongs to the On Face group
one belongs to the Adjacent to Face group
one belongs to the Adjacent to Group group
one belongs to the Global group
three belong to distinct groups
Of the primary values of the buttons on adjacent faces,..
an odd number are truean even number are truean odd number are falsean even number are falsethere are more true than falsethere are more false than truethere are exactly three of either value
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