On the Subject of Factoring Grid

By factoring in all the common prime ideas, we’ll get a composite of this module.

The module presents a 6×6 grid of numbers, a reset button along the top and a submit button along the right.

To solve the module, form a continuous path in the grid, then press the submit button. This path must not contain any loops or intersections, and it must go through each number in the grid exactly once.

A number can only be connected with another number if they are orthogonally adjacent. To connect two numbers, simply press the edge between them. To remove the connection, simply press it again.

The connection between two numbers is only valid if they share a common factor larger than 1. This means there must exist a number such that when the two numbers divide this number, both leave 0 as their remainders.

Upon pressing the submit button, a strike will only be given for an invalid solution path. This will not reset the module.