On the Subject of Factory Cubes

Flash died, so I took over and did it myself.

This module features a cube and ten buttons.

Each button will have a question mark on them.

To solve the module, input a sequence which can be obtained by the edgework and month.

If you press a button that does not represent the corresponding digit, you will get a strike.

When given a strike, the inputted sequence will be reset, and the cube will return to a white color.

The buttons are ordered in a counter-clockwise order, top-left being 0, and the button above bottom-right being 9.

Take the serial number and turn all letters into their alphabetic positions. Append each number to get a string of digits. Call this number x.

Take x and turn it into a base-8 number, then let x equal to this new number.

Add the number of batteries, ports, and indicators to x, then turn x into a base-8 number.

Take the month the bomb started in, turn all letters into their alphabetic positions, and append each number to get another string of digits. Call this number y.

Add y to x to get the final sequence to submit.

Input this sequence by pressing the buttons on the module.

The paint and coverings are cosmetics to show a visual representation of an input. Once solved, you are allowed to paint the cube with the tools provided and will not strike the module.