On the Subject of Factory Maze

We should probably fix Double-Oh and Faulty Backgrounds, but we’ve spent our whole budget on doors.

Welcome to the Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes factory! On this module, there are two doors, the name of the room that you’re in, unlock/reset buttons, and locks that represent how much progress you’ve made on the module.

Below are some diagrams, showing possible layouts of the KTaNE Factory. You start in a random room, and all the rooms have random names (shown at the top). Using a door will take you along one of the arrows starting at your current room, to the room that the arrow points to. The doors in each room take you along the same path every time.

When you walk through a hallway with a key in it, you will pick up the key automatically and a *ding* sound will play! If you go to the room with the same number as the key and press UNLOCK, a lock will be unlocked, and you’ll be one step closer to freedom. (The keys without numbers don’t do anything; they’re just there to waste your time.) Pressing UNLOCK with the wrong key will give you a strike. When you walk through a hallway with a key in it while holding another key, you will drop your current key and pick up the new key. Unlock all three locks to solve the module.

If you get lost, you can press the reset button to reset and re-generate the module.


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