On the Subject of Faerie Fires

Dancing and singing is the faeries way.

Click the surface of the module and observe the way the 6 faeries behave.

What the Faeries do

  • The faeries appear on the module in a specific order. Observe the order they appear in.
  • They also sing when they appear. Observe the pitch of their voice in ascending order.
  • The serial number is something the faeries like.

Solving the module

  • After the faeries have finished their dance, click the surface and they will scuttle into their now illuminated houses.
  • Press the houses in the order the faeries appeared in at specific times.
  • Clicking the surface will make the faeries dance again.

When to knock on the door

  • The faeries have a very strict sleep schedule. Only knock on the door when the last digit of the seconds on the timer equals their free time.
  • To calculate the free time of a faerie, do the following:
    • Take the nth serial number character, where n is equal to their pitch in the song, and append the first letter of their color.*
    • Convert this Base36 number to Base 10 and apply the median difference to it.
  • *Color names are: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Magenta.

Median Difference

  • Take any number and calculate the absolute differences of their internal neighbouring digits.
  • Repeat until 1 digit remains.
  • Example: 1294 -> (12)(29)(94) 175 -> (17)(75) 62 -> 4