On the Subject of Fake Beans

Me and my friends at 3 pm playing with B E A N S

This module has 9 beans on it. Each bean is either rectangular or round. Additionally, each bean can be tinted slightly yellow, orange, green, purple or pink. To solve the module, you must consume three valid beans (but no more). Eating an incorrect bean will cause a strike. If no valid beans are present, the module will not strike you for eating a different one. Eating more than three beans will also cause a strike but the module will stay solved. Note that you cannot see a bean when it has been eaten.

Finding Valid Beans

A bean is only valid if it is NOT rectangular, and it is NOT purple or pink.

To find out which valid bean to eat, go off the conditions below. Only regard the valid beans when told to eat one. Positions are in reading order.

When the bean in position n is mentioned, this refers to the valid bean in the nth position of the set of all valid beans.

  • If there are 5 valid beans, take the bean or beans whose colour occurs only once in this group, and apply either the 1 or 2 valid bean condition.
  • If there are 4 valid beans, start with a value of 1. If there are an odd amount of purple beans, add 1. If there are an odd amount of pink beans, add 2. Eat the bean in that position.
  • If there are 3 valid beans, add up the values of their colours using orange = 0, yellow = 1, green = 2 and keep it in range 1–3 by adding/subtracting 3. Eat the bean corresponding in the position of that sum.
  • If there are 2 valid beans, eat the first if there are an odd amount of rectangular beans and the second otherwise.
  • If there is 1 valid bean, eat it.

After a condition has been followed and a bean has been eaten, perform the steps corresponding to the new number of present valid beans. Repeat until 3 beans have been eaten.