On the Subject of Fast Boolean Venn Diagrams

Now you got to do it quickly, as if reading multiple Venn Diagrams were not confusing enough...

Press any sector to activate the module.

Once active, a boolean expression will be displayed and a timer will count down. The diagram provided consists of all 16 possible sectors, corresponding to the sections A, B, C and D respectively. O refers to the area not in A, B, C, or D.

Select all sectors that would return true to disarm the module when the time runs out. A sector returns true when evaluating the expression:

  • Sections that are present in the current sector are set to true and false otherwise.
  • Expressions that have operators in parentheses are evaluated first.
  • Operators are then evaluated left to right from the expression displayed.

Selecting an incorrect sector or missing a correct sector when the time runs out will result in a strike, activating a 15 second cooldown, displaying correct sectors of the current expression, and resetting the module.

The following images describe the operators that may appear in the expression, the grey areas output true:

X ∧ Y
X ∨ Y
X △ Y
X ↦ Y
X | Y
X ↧ Y
X ≡ Y
X ↤ Y
Assessment Revised
1 error(s) and 2 warning(s) detected.


  • Strike Handling: - Fails to trigger upon submitting none or all sectors. Status light can only flash red. (StrikeHandling)


  • Timer: - Timer may be configured by Twitch Plays (default 60 seconds) or defuser (default 30 seconds). (TimeLimit)
  • Altered Visuals: - Visuals for module are flipped. Venn diagram sections and displayed expression are only shifted. (VisualsModified)
Final Result
Module already pushed to post production. Unable to fix post-production errors as of 1 June.