On the Subject of Faulty 14 Segment Display

But if our eyes are real, then the module is real as well. Oh god.

The 14-segment display will show a pattern of colors as a result of RGB additive color mixing. Each color channel will cycle through the 26 letters of the English alphabet in order.

However, the segments’ individual color channels have been randomly shuffled around, and need to be swapped back into their correct position. Additionally, the three color channels will all be at different positions of the alphabet in their cycle.

To swap the positions of two segments, press any one segment (which will then create a gray border), then press any other segment. Selecting any segment that has already been selected will deselect it.

The swaps between two segments will occur across all configurations for the selected color channel. You must swap the segments of each color channel such that the color channels cycle through the English alphabet in order.

The LED above the submit button will show the currently selected color channel. To change it, press the red, green, or blue triangles above the LED to switch to that color channel.

You may also choose to pause the sequence by pressing the 'PAUSE' button. This will stop the sequence in its current place. While it is paused, you can press the left and right triangle buttons to move forward and backwards in the sequence. To resume the cycle, press the 'PAUSE' button (which now will say 'PLAY').

To check your answer, press the submit button. If your submission is incorrect, you will receive a strike. All the correctly swapped segments will flash green, all the incorrectly swapped segments will flash red, and the sequence will resume cycling. If your submission is correct, the module will disarm.

Appendix A: List of 14 segment representation of English Alphabet