On the Subject of Faulty Buttons

Oh, um... Bear with me, I think I know what the issue here is...

If this module’s buttons are not flickering, you are looking at a different module.

This module presents a 4×4 grid of buttons, flickering in unison. Each of these buttons has a “referred” button and while the module is in its initial state, pressing a button will turn off its referred button. A button’s referred button may be itself. After each button has been pressed once, you will hear a spark sound and they will all light up again.

To start solving the module, press any button. For every button that you press, the next button to press will be its referred button. If the next button to be pressed has already been pressed, you will hear another spark sound. This signifies that you may press any button which has not already been pressed to continue solving the module. The module will solve when all sixteen buttons have been pressed for the second time. Pressing an incorrect button when the module is not in its initial state will cause a strike, reset your input, scramble the referred buttons and reset the module back into its initial state.

(Ah, and don’t tell anyone that this happened, or I’ll be fired.)