On the Subject of Faulty Colour Flash

Turns out it’s a hit module series...

  • A Faulty Colour Flash module displays a sequence of eight words representing colours in different colours at different speeds.
  • Each word can be broken down into a number from zero to three, which is the number of RGB components that are different between the word’s colour and the word itself.
    • If that word was flashed at a faster speed, then add two to this number.
  • When the eight numbers are split into pairs of two, the resulting pairs can be converted into a letter using Tap Code. Refer to the table to the right.
    • When using the table, take the first number in the pair and use it as the row, then use the second number as the column.
    • If one or both of the numbers are zero, then that pair represents K.
  • Take the letter received from the first two words in the sequence and locate its row in the table below.
    • If there is any other module* on the bomb whose name (excluding spaces) contains anything in this row, press Yes.
    • Otherwise, press No.
  • Now repeat the process with the second two words, the third, and finally the fourth.
  • Any incorrect press will cause a strike and clear all correct presses.
A 1D, 3D, Perspective, Orientation
B Bravo, Kilo, Golf, X-Ray
C Red, Blue, Green, Yellow
D Crazy, Insane, Mad, Wild
E Press, Tap, Hold, Mash
F Word, Letter, Character, Symbol
G Boolean, Logic, Gate, And
H Alpha, Omega, Eta, Xi
I Morse, Flash, Light, LED
J Binary, Ternary, Zero, One
K Sound, Audio, Pitch, Listen
L Who, What, Why, When
M Line, Triangle, Square, Hexagon
N Talk, Say, Shout, Scream
O Color, Colour, Rainbow, Art
P Password, Code, Cipher, Encrypt
Q Guitar, Piano, Music, Song
R &, #, ?, !
S Math, Equation, Calculus, Derivative
T Faulty, Cruel, Ultimate, Bamboozling
U Wire, Button, Maze, Simon
V Chess, Knight, Pawn, King
W Time, Clock, Date, Day
X Balance, Order, Harmony, Rule
Y Forget, Memory, Amnesia, Elder
Z Sugar, Candy, Taco, Snack

* - If this is the only module on the bomb, then use this module.