On the Subject of Faulty Seven Segment Displays

I’d imagine someone getting bored at making hard modules and decided to make a very easy module instead. Great. Someone dropped this out of nowhere and screwed up the wiring yet again.

This module when activated will show 14 segments from 2 7-segment displays not correctly arranged. When the segments are correctly rearranged, the two 7-segment displays will display a number counting up from 00 to 99 repetitively. The defuser must swap the segments to rearrange 2 seven segment displays. To swap the segments, have the defuser select the 2 desired segments. The first segment selected will be highlighted in green to signify that the segment is selected. If the module runs out of time and the segments are not properly arranged, the module will strike.

An image of the 10 digits shown on the seven segment display can be shown here:

Image of 7 Segment Displays

The following characters will never show up on this module but can show up in other modules that have 7-segment displays: "a", "b", "c", "d", "e", "f", "h", "j", "l", "n", "o", "p", "r", "u", "y", "-".

Image of 7 Segment Displays

Because this module is faulty, one set of segments will flicker a different color rather than show the segments in white for a brief moment, randomly.