On the Subject of Festive Piano Keys

Let’s all gather round for a family sing-a-long!

See Appendix A for indicator identification reference.
See Appendix B for battery identification reference.
See Appendix C for port identification reference.

  • A festive piano keys module will present with 3 musical symbols in the top indicator and a 12-note keyboard to input with; This will be different to the regular piano keys module by a different backing color.
  • Each rule consists of one or more required symbol(s) and optional further requirements based on the bomb casing.
  • Follow the list of rules down until one matches the criteria for the module; then execute the sequence of notes listed.
  • A failed attempt will require re-entry of the entire note sequence.
Required Symbol(s) Further Requirements Note Sequence
" More even digits in the serial number than odd Eb F Eb C Ab F Eb
% or x Any duplicate characters or digits in serial number C# B A F# G# A G# F#
m and * (No other requirements) G A G E G A G E
v or At most 2 types of port Eb Eb Db Ab Eb Eb F Db
^ Lit indicator with vowel B A G Eb D A B A G
or x 3 or more AA batteries F# G A A D B A G E D
w and (No other requirements) G E F G C B C D C B A G
> or ^ or v Serial number contains 1 or 9 G G G G G G G Bb Eb F G
% or B or " (No other requirements) D D D C# C# C# B C# B F#
(No requirement) (No other requirements) Bb A Bb G
(Play sequence x times, where x equals largest digit in serial + 1)