On the Subject of Fifty Blessings

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  • You work for Fifty Blessings and you’re expecting a few phone calls soon for your next mission.
  • The module consists of a display of four blueprints that can be cycled through using the arrow buttons.
  • Determine which location to drive to using the received phone call, and submit the correct blueprint using the eject button. Note that the module will always start off on Blueprint 1.

At the beginning of the bomb and every minute (60 seconds) after, the phone on the module will ring. Click the phone’s keypad to pick up. You have 5 seconds to pick it up, even though it audibly rings once.

Depending on the first and second time the phone is picked up, follow the table below to find which MAZE KEY to follow. Picking up the phone a third time will play the first call, a fourth time will play the second call, etc. The names are of the “people” making the calls. See Appendix M1SS10N for a full list of possible phone calls.


Change the key by adding the first serial number digit and then subtracting the last serial number digit. If there are either 1 or 0 digits in your serial number, do not modify the key. Modulo this value by 4 to get a number in the range of 1 – 4.

Find the maze with the same label as your MAZE KEY in Appendix PH0N3B00K. Rows are letters (topmost is A, bottom is E) and columns are numbers (leftmost is 1, rightmost is 5). Determine 2 coordinates using the following rules:

  • The first coordinate is located at X#, where X is the first letter of your serial number subtracted by 5 letters until it is within the range of A – E, and # is the first number of your serial number added to / subtracted by 5 until it is between 1 and 5. If your serial number has no letters, use A. If your serial number has no numbers, go through the same process but start instead with the number of non-needy modules on the bomb.
  • The second coordinate can be determined in the same fashion but with the second letter and digit of the serial number. If your serial number has no letters, use B. If your serial number has no number, go through the same process but start instead with the number of batteries on the bomb.

Using the determined coordinates, follow the rules below to determine which blueprint to select, with A representing the first coordinate and B the second:

  • If there is a path from A to B and the cells at A and B are the same color, use the first blueprint.
  • If there is NOT a path from A to B but the cells at A and B are the same color, use the second blueprint.
  • If there is a path from A to B but the cells at A and B are NOT the same color, use the third blueprint.
  • If there is NOT a path from A to B and the cells at A and B are NOT the same color, use the fourth blueprint.

Appendix PH0N3B00K

Now, the defendant claims that he was ordered to commit these murders... through messages left on his answering machine. Did you investigate these claims?

Maze 1 Maze 2
Maze 3 Maze 4

Note: dotted lines on opposite sides of the entire maze imply that the segments connect. The shapes within a maze are always on the same color to help distinguish colors for colorblind experts.

Appendix M1SS10N

Did you find anything supporting these claims of ‘threatening phone calls’?

Hi, it’s ‘Pat’ from the club. We want you to DJ tonight. You’re free to play any kind of music you want. Beer is on the house! We’re on 212 NE 24th street. Dress to kill! See ya.
Good evening, this is ‘Blake’ speaking. We have a job for you. There’s a power outage... Over on NE 24th St. We already sent someone over a while ago... But it seems he didn’t do a very good job. Head over there right away! Keep it quick and clean!
Hi, this is ‘Rick’ from the real estate office. There’s a showing for an apartment downtown today. It’s at SW 121st street, Apt 35. Open house. Just swing on by when you have the time.
Hello, it’s ‘Mark’ from Miami drop off... It looks like you missed your delivery last night. We’ve got another parcel for you today... Please drop it off at SW 107th place. Our clients will not tolerate further delays!
Hi it’s ‘Don’ from Hotel Blue, we need you tonight! Our receptionist went home due to stomach problems... And we have some VIPs who’ll be staying with us today! Make sure you give them a great stay... That will be your top priority this evening!
It’s ‘Dave’ from Miami Pest Control. We need you. A client at SW 104th street is having vermin problems. Try to handle it as quick and swift as you can. Make sure not to bother any of the neighbors.
Hello, it’s ‘Linda’... I need a babysitter right away. Got a few kids that need to be disciplined here. I’m at East 7th Street. Make sure you have a long talk with them, I really need someone to get through to these rascals. And like last time... please be discrete!
This is ‘Jim’ from the office. Just wanted to remind you that your ‘report’ is due tomorrow morning. Have it on my desk by eight. 312 SE St. is the address in case you forgot.
Hi, this is ‘Tim’ at the bakery. The cookies that you ordered should be delivered by now... A list of ingredients are included... Make sure that you read them carefully!
It’s ‘Harry’ from management. We have a problem! There’s a big mess over by the Condos on 122nd SE St! One of the residents’ water pipes burst, wet all over! The whole building is gonna be flooded soon... hope you can get this done ASAP... Don’t go easy on the mop!
This is ‘Thomas’ from the methadone clinic. We’ve scheduled a short meeting for you tonight. We’re at NW 184th street, APT 105. And don’t worry... We know discretion is of importance to our clients.
Hi, it’s ‘Kate’ from Hotline Miami’s dating service. We have set up a date for you this evening. She’ll be waiting for you at Southwest 53rd place. As usual, make sure you wear something fancy.