On the Subject of Fire Diamonds

Also known as a Safety Square or if you’re British, a “Figmenty Pigmenty Crosser Tosser.”


  • On this module you will see four buttons: 1 red, 1 blue, 1 yellow, and 1 white. The 3 colored buttons will have a number from 0-4 on them while the white button will either be blank or have a symbol on it.
  • This module has three stages. The answers to each stage do not affect the answers to other stages.
  • Use the number/symbols on the buttons in Table 2 to get a sequence of five colors.
  • Use Table 1 below to modify the sequence for each of the colors. According to the colors in the sequence and edgework, change each color From Table 2 to the one you get as the result in Table 1.
  • Entering the incorrect sequence of colors will give a strike. However, the module will not strike until a full sequence of five entries are made.

Table 1:

Red Blue Yellow White
Battery Count Digits in Serial Instances of characters in NFPA 704 in serial Total # of consonants in indicators
<2 =2 >2 2 3 4 0 1-2 3+ ≤3 4-6 7+

Table 2:

Substance Corresponding Fire Diamond Color Sequence
Table Salt RYWWW
Glucose RBYBR
Hydrogen Cyanide BYRYR
Gasoline YYRRB
Drain Cleaner WBWBW
Helium Gas BBYWY
Potassium Nitrate BYWBW
Substance Corresponding Fire Diamond Color Sequence
Antifreeze BBYBB
Nitroglycerin YYYYY
Hydrogen Peroxide RRBWB
Sodium YYYYR
Ethanol RRWRB
Fluorine Gas BRWYB
Sulfur YYYYW
Substance Corresponding Fire Diamond Color Sequence
Methane RBWYR
Butane RBYWW
Propane RRYYY
Baking Soda WWRWR
Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach) WBWRY
Substance Corresponding Fire Diamond Color Sequence
Acetic Acid YBBWB
Iodine WRYYY
Sulfuric Acid YBRWB
Ammonia WBBBW
Hydrofluoric Acid RWWWW

Appendix 704: Fire Diamond Meanings & Symbols

No Ws allowed!

Flammability: States how easily a substance will ignite Health: States the overall damage exposure to a substance can negatively affect health* Instability: States a substance's capability and willingness to explode Special Hazards: Shows possible dangers outside of the 3 above categories such as... OX : Oxidizer (produces oxygen when exposed to heat) W : Do not let come into contact with water SA : Simple Asphyxiant (displaces oxygen in air)

*Excludes ingestion of said substance