On the Subject of Fishing

How is your luck?

  • This module contains a reel button and a fishing rod.
  • Press the reel button to cast the fishing rod.
  • Once you catch your fish, you can either press the keep button to keep your catch or press the throw button to throw your catch.
  • To solve the module, catch N fish, where N is equal to the number of non-needy modules, or catch the fish that the module calculates.
  • The table shows the kind of fish that solve the module.
  • Here are the calculations the module uses for special kind of fish.
  • If there is a parallel port: +8
  • If there is a PS/2 port: +4
  • If the serial number letters are all vowels: +2
  • If the serial number numbers are all even: +1
Number: Fish Picture: Fish Name:
0 Bluegill
1 Channel Catfish
2 Chinook Salmon
3 Common Carp
4 Crappie
Number: Fish Picture: Fish Name:
5 Freshwater Drum
6 Gar
7 Mountain Whitefish
8 Muskellunge
9 Northern Pike
10 Rainbow Trout
11 Smallmouth Bass
12 Smelt
13 Striped Bass
14 Tilapia
15 Yellow Perch