On the Subject of Flamin' Finger

Get your flame on.

This module consists of an arcade game with a screen flashing various red and orange lights. To start this module, you will need to insert a coin. This can be done by touching anywhere on the module.

The module will now generate a maze and set a timer for how quick you must complete the maze. The longer the maze, the more time you receive. You will always start in the bottom-left corner and your goal will always be in the top-right corner.

Move in the maze by hovering over the next light with your mouse, and continue hovering over every light in the maze. You must touch every light in the maze in the order that they appear to complete it. You will not lose progress if you hover anywhere else.

If you run out of time, you will have to start over with a new maze, which you will have to insert another coin to obtain. If there are extra coins already in the module, a new maze will appear automatically.

If you complete the maze in the time limit, you win the jackpot and the module will solve.