On the Subject of Flash Memory

Why is the lightning bolt sideways?

  • A random set of squares will flash for one second when the “⚡” button is pressed.
  • Repeat that set back to complete the stage.
  • This module has 4 stages. The first stage will contain 3 squares, with another 2 squares being added every stage.
  • When a stage is completed, one of the squares on the right side will light up.
  • Squares can be pressed in any order.
  • Complete all 4 stages to disarm the module.
  • The “⚡” button can only be pressed once per stage.
  • Pressing an incorrect square will cause a strike and reset the module to stage 1, with a different set of squares.
  • Pressing the “⚡” button more than once on a stage will cause a strike but will not reset the module. The set will be shown again for one second, and you may continue from there.