On the Subject of Flashing Arrows

Pointy point point pointer pointy point.

On the module are 4 directional buttons, and a display screen in the middle.

If the arrows are not flashing colors, you’re looking at a different module.

The display will show a two digit number and each arrow will flash three colors, exactly one of which being black.

To solve the module, first calculate a number. Take the first numerical digit in the serial number, using the number of port plates if there are none, and add this to the displayed number. Modulo this by 5. If the new number is zero, make it one.

Now use the number you obtained to refer to the table below to find the arrow to refer to in the next step.


Using the arrow determined in the table above, calculate the order of arrows to press in the table below. Use the color that flashed before the black flash as the column, and the color that flashed after the black flash as the row.

Inputting the wrong sequence will result in a strike and reset inputs in the process but the displayed number and the correct sequence of the arrows will not change. The flashing sequence may get shifted for each arrow, but the usage will remain the same.