On the Subject of Flashing Cube

Hmm… two coprime, stacked sequences… interesting…

On the module, there is a cube with five visible faces. Each face can be pressed once to reveal a cycle of symbols. Do not press a face more than once until you are ready to submit.

The cube has a symbol on every side; each face displays its current symbol. After each rotation, each face will display a new symbol corresponding to two stacked sequences of rotations. One sequence has 2 rotations, and the other has 3 rotations. At each step, the current rotation of the shorter sequence and the current rotation of the longer sequence will be applied instantaneously, in that order.

To enter input mode, press the top face twice. Then, enter one of the sequences of rotations with the middle faces; left = X, front = Y, right = Z (rotations are named as in the Hypercube manual: a sequence “XY, then YZ” would be entered as XYYZ -> left, middle, middle, right). Then press the top face again to finalize that sequence’s input. Repeat with the bottom face to enter the second sequence.

Once both sequences are inputted, press the front face twice to submit.