On the Subject of Flavor Text EX

You tasted its flavor. The real challenge begins.

Defusing this module requires the expert to have a device that can connect to the World Wide Web.

  • The module will display a flavor text from one of the other manual pages (including mod manuals).
  • Find a module that has the displayed flavor text in the manual. It might not be present on the bomb. If there are several, pick either.
  • Press the buttons with the digits that appear in the Steam ID of the mod that module is from in the order of their appearance in the ID. If it’s a vanilla module, ignore this step altogether.
  • Press all the other buttons in any order. The flavor text and the digits will change after doing so.
  • To disarm the module, press all four buttons correctly for three flavor texts in a row.
  • Note: Pressing a button twice or too early in the sequence will result in a strike and change the flavor text and digits.