On the Subject of Follow Me

In this world you’re either a leader or a follower. Make your choice.

  • The screen will show a series of arrows that indicate a unique path in the maze below.
  • The cell that this path starts on will be called the initial cell, but your actual starting position for when you move is the cell you land on after the path taken.
  • Find the initial cell, then navigate to the goal cell. This can be found by evaluating the statements found on the side of the table, going down the orange path if it’s true and the cyan cell if it’s false.
  • Columns are labeled A–H going left to right, and rows are numbered 1–8 going down.
Is the initial column contained within the serial number?
Is the initial row prime?
Does the path contain at most 5 arrows?
Are there more
horizontal directions
than vertical ones?
Are there more up arrows
than down arrows?
Is the initial
column a vowel?